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Bespoke Dimensions / Shape / Printing

Coffee pouches packaging

Bespoke Spout (Fitment) Colors & Printing Low MOQ 1000pcs To Start

  • Spout pouches are one of our best-sellers. We have different types, sizes, and volumes to match client needs
  • They are an innovative beverage packaging option that can offer excellent protection of products during transit.
  • We make it easy to start your own business with us by having a low minimum order quantity of 1000 units.
  • Food grade high barrier materials
  • Ouma spout pouch can have a lot of applications. With a tight seal it is an effective barrier ensuring freshness, flavor, aroma, and nutritional value/poisonous potency.
  • They come in 8 fl. oz., 16 fl. oz., or 32 fl. oz., but can be customized to any size you may need!
  • Free spout pouch samples available for quality reference
  • Get best quotation for custom spout pouch within 24 hours
  • 100% brand now raw materials, no recycled materials

New Product! Eco-Friendly 100% Recyclable Spout Pouch

Ouma has been focusing on the development of 100% mono PE spout pouch, and we are able to produce qualified 100% PE recyclable spout pouches since 2020. Ouma Flex Pack is the 1st Manufacturer in GuanDong Province, China who produces stand up spout pouch on mass cargo basis.

This stand-up spout bag is made of 100% recyclable PE. The benefits of recyclable spout pouch are as follow:

1) It’s 100% recyclable.
2) Made with the use of only one type of material (polyethylene), eliminating any possible contamination with other materials.
3) The whole spout pouch, including the spout (fitment) are all made of PE
4) Easy to reuse or refil throught the spout
5) Easy to open and reclose after use
6) Meet the environmental protection requirements in most countries

Stand up pouch before loading

100% Recyclable Mono PE Spout Pouch

How To Avoid One of The Most Common Problem–Leakage?

Spout pouch is a type of liquid packaging that is used to hold water or other liquids. It is a common packaging solution for businesses that need to package and ship liquids in containers.

But Spout pouches from many suppliers can leak water, and if you don’t know how to prevent this, it could completely ruin your product.

Spout pouch leakage can be avoided by using the following methods:

– Using a spout pouch with the correct size of the opening
– Using a spout pouch with an airtight seal
– Most importantly, to add a special film to the pouch material structure

Stand up pouch before loading

How To Measure Spout & Fitment Pouches

Measuring spout pouch

Two Filling Ways Into Spout & Fitment Pouches

2 filling ways of spout pouches

Automatically & Manually Spout Applying

With our 2 processes of adding & welding spouts onto your pouch, we use either manual or automated methods. When you place a low MOQ order, we will normally choose the manual method as it is more cost-effective.

An auto collator will be used when all of the product in bulk is the same, that ensures that there are no discrepancies when it comes to the number of pouches. It’s highly likely that both options (manual and automatic) will result in equally high quality pouches.

Stand up pouch with spouts

Spout Pouch with Bottom Gusset For Liquid Food

Spout Pouch Size Charts for Reference | Fully Custom-Made

All spout pouches are fully custom-made, including the features of sizes, shapes, colors, printing, etc. The follow size chart is only for reference, not fixed.

Please contact Ouma for best suggestion.

Volume (ml) Size (mm: W x H + D) Size (in: W x H + D) Thickness Unit Weight
30ml 80×95 (Flat) 3.15″x3.74″ 10 microns 5g
50ml 70×100+25 2.76″x3.93″+1″ 10 microns 5g
100ml 95×140+25 3.74″x5.5″+1″ 11 microns 7.6g
150ml 90×160+30 3.54″x6.3″+1.18″ 11 microns 8g
200ml 110×170+30 4.33″x6.7″+1.18″ 11 microns 8.3g
250ml 110×175+30 4.33″x6.89″+1.18″ 11 microns 9g
300ml 120×168+30 4.72″x6.61″+1.18″ 12 microns 8.5g
350ml 120×180+30 4.72″x7.09″+1.18″ 12 microns 9g
500ml 140×220+40 5.5″x8.66″+1.57″ 14 microns 13g
800ml 160×260+40 6.3″x10.2″+1.57″ 14 microns 15g
1000ml 180×260+45 7.09″x10.2″+1.77″ 16 microns 22g
1500ml 205×260+45 8″x10″+1.77″ 16 microns 25g
2000ml 210×315+60 8.27″x12.4″+2.36″ 18 microns 28g
3000ml 245×315+60 9.65″x12.4″+2.36″ 20 microns 38g
4500ml 320×300+70 12.6″x11.8″+2.76″ 21 microns 51.8g
5000ml 245×315+60 9.64″x12.4″+2.36″ 22 microns 72.5g
Retail food packaging

Stand up Fitment spout pouch

Stand-up Fitment Pouches are the best way to package liquids, soups, and sauces.

They are a popular choice for food producers who want to offer their customers a variety of flavors.

The stand-up pouch is a great way for food producers to explore new flavors and expand their offerings without the cost of producing a new bottle/can.

Clear Plastic Zip Lock Packing Bags Stand Up Pouch Resealable Doypack

Die-cut Spout Stand Up Pouch

The diecut stand up spout pouch is a kind of package with a stand-up spout. It is a new product on the market, which is becoming more and more popular among brands and consumers.

A diecut stand-up spout pouch is one of the most common types of pouches used for packaging drinks.

A diecut stand-up spout pouch typically contains three components: a laminate, a filling or sealant component, and a closure.

Espresso printed coffee stand up pouch

Stand-up Spout Pouch with Aluminum foil

A spout pouch is a container that holds liquids. It has a spout that can be squeezed in order to release the liquid. It can be made of any type of material, but aluminum foil is the most common.

Because aluminum foil has the best barrier features. Spout pouches are often used for carrying liquids in water bottles or other containers.

Spout pouches are an alternative to squeeze tubes, which are more expensive and have a higher environmental impact.

Alu Silver Stand Up Pouch with ziplock

Standup Spout Pouch with custom printing

A stand-up spout pouch is a watertight bag that has a pop-up spout at the top.

This type of pouch is typically used as a water container for camping, hiking, and backpacking trips. It can be filled up with water and then sealed with the attached screw cap.

This allows hikers to drink from the spout without getting their hands or clothing wet.

Stand Up Pouch with Spout

Printed stand up spout pouch with customized spout

A printed spout pouch is a pouch with a spout that can be printed with your logo and other details for a more professional and appealing look.

They are often used by event planners to provide attendees with water during events.

A printed spout pouch is a reusable container for transporting liquids such as water, soft drinks, and other beverages to events such as conferences and trade shows.

Spouted Stand Up Pouch for Coffee

Spouted wine pouch with custom printing

Wine pouches are a new, innovative way for customers to enjoy wine. They can be filled with any kind of wine and sealed with a spout. They provide an easy way to enjoy wine on the go and can be customized with logos or designs.

A spouted wine pouch is a bag that holds your wine where you can easily pour it. They are usually made of plastic or aluminum foil, which is shaped so that it folds down the sides to create an opening at one end for pouring.

Stand Up Pouch with Spouts for Liquid

Clear Spout Pouch for liquid

Clear spout pouches are water pouches with a clear spout at the top of the pouch.

They are designed to make it easy for you to see how much water is left in your pouch and to reseal the spout at the top of the pouch after drinking.

The clear spout pouch might be useful if you need a more convenient way to carry your water on-the-go or simply don’t want to have lots of reusable plastic bottles or disposable bottles in your home or office.

Spouted Stand Up Pouch in Matt Finishing

Beverage Spout pouch with customized printing & Aluminum foil

A beverage Spout pouch is a pre-printed plastic bag with a spout at the top that opens and closes easily. Its printed design is on both sides of the bag and can be customized to any color or design.

The spout pouch has many uses and benefits, such as: it is easy to use, eco-friendly, recyclable, and it doesn’t leak. This type of container is perfect for those who want some refreshment on the go.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Beverage spout pouch with custom shape

There are more and more beverage packaging companies looking to innovate and create new designs for their products.

By making a custom spout pouch, companies increase the value of their product by adding a reusable and recyclable feature.

Shape of the spout pouch is an important part for beverage packaging because it can affect the taste and quality of the beverage.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Matt custom-shaped liquid pouch with spout

Matt Custom-shaped Liquid Pouches with Spouts is a brand new invention that allows us to easily and quickly prepare food and beverages without any mess.

There are many benefits of drinking from a custom-shaped liquid pouch with a spout. First, you can take a sip while the pouch is in your hand. This is not possible with a regular bottled drink.

And second, you can enjoy the full flavor of the beverage while it’s still cold or hot.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Glossy stand-up beverage spout pouch with hole

A stand up beverage pouch spout is a type of spout that fits over top of the narrow opening at the top of a stand-up pouch. This type of spout presses down when pressure is applied to it, which allows liquid to flow out through the opening when inverted.

The Stand-up Beverage Spout Pouch With Handle can make carrying drinks easier and more convenient. It has a spout for dispensing the drink, which makes it easy to access.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Customized printing beverage spout pouch with handle grip

Customized printing beverage spouts are a new way to give your consumers options for their favorite drinks, with the added benefit of an aesthetically pleasing design on the packaging.

A customized beverage spout pouch is an innovative way to present your customized drink. It is designed to be uniquely shaped and can accommodate any type of drink that has a spout including coffee, tea, sports drinks.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Beverage spout pouch in Aluminum foil

A beverage spout pouch is a disposable container for cold liquids, typically used in restaurants to serve beverages. The pouch is made of aluminum foil and flexible films, has a handle and may have a spout or opening.

It is made of aluminum foil with a handle and may have a spout hole or opening at the top. Beverage spouts are also known as “to go cups” because they are often used by people who want to drink their drinks on the go without spilling it.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Custom printed spout pouch w/ custom spout

Drink pouches are the most convenient way to carry water, juice, or any other beverage you can think of. They are light weight, portable, easy to carry around and they do not break which is perfect for outdoor activities.

Printing Spout Pouches are custom beverage pouches with a stand up spout. They are used for bottled drinks, juices, RTD tea drinks, and more.

The pouch’s shape is the same as a regular pouch but has an additional spout. The spout can be customized to be any color or design you want!

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Liquid stand up spout pouch BPA free

A liquid spout pouch BPA free is a type of pouch made from a material that is flexible and durable enough to store liquids, but with a sealed opening that can be opened and closed by way of a spout.

Liquid spout pouches can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminum foil, and polyethylene terephthalate.

Liquid spouts are sealed with the help of heat-sealing or stretch-sealing machines to ensure they remain leak-proof.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Custom Shaped spout pouch with customized volume

A shaped beverage pouch is a pouch with a custom volume size. The customized shape allows the product to be easily recognized and provides a more functional packaging. It can also have a higher perceived value for the customer.

Shaped pouch packaging also provides a customized volume size, which is able to satisfy individual consumers’ needs.

Beverage pouches are an excellent packaging solution for many reasons. Firstly, they are cost-effective and can be economically produced in small or large volumes.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Stand-up wine spout pouch with handle & Bottom gusset

A wine spout pouch is a bag that is designed to carry your wine with ease. These pouches are best for carrying the bottle(s) of wine around, whether it be to a party or just for personal consumption.

The pouch has a handle grip on the top that makes it easier to hold onto and also has a bottom gusset that can stand up on its own without fear of spilling anything.

Wine spout pouches are also known as wine bags, due to the fact that they look like a typical plastic bag.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Custom alcohol spout pouch with wine spout

Custom Alcohol Spouts provide a convenient way to dispense wine or liquor from a pre-packaged container. They are easy to use, economical, and they make the perfect alternative for serving wine at parties and gatherings.

The Custom Alcohol Spout Pouches is a durable plastic bag that has been designed with an easy-to-use spout for dispensing your favorite beverage from a pre-packaged container.

Custom alcohol spout pouches and wine spouts are designed to keep your drink in a spill-proof container.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Juice spout pouch for beverage drink

The juice spout pouch is a flexible container made from laminated material where one side is sealed and the other side has a spout. The spout facilitates pouring the beverage from the pouch.

We are the leading manufacturer of beverage pouches wholesale in China.

We have been supplying wholesale juice side gusset spouts for several years. Our products are all made of high quality materials and we have a very strict quality control system.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Baby food BPA free spout pouch bag

The baby food spout pouch bag is an eco-friendly, reusable, BPA free, and dishwasher safe container for baby food. It is leakproof and has a tight seal to avoid any messes in the diaper bag or purse.

It also has a spout that allows the baby to control the flow of liquid which reduces the risk of choking hazards.

This makes it easier for babies at certain stages in their development when they don’t want to be fed too quickly.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

BPA free baby food spout pouch with custom printing

A baby food spout pouch is a small container that holds food for babies and young children. They are made of materials like silicone or plastic, which make them safer than glass jars for your baby to eat from.

Baby food spout pouches can be used as on the go foods containers or as an alternative to jars of baby food in your home kitchen.

They can also help you save money by reducing the amount of waste.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Milk stand up spout pouch with Customized printing

A milk stand up spout pouch is a type of milk packaging that has become popular in recent years. They are made with an eco-friendly material and have a spout for pouring out the milk.

These pouches are made with food grade materials which make them safe for human consumption. They are also recyclable, making them more environmentally friendly than cartons or other types of packaging.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Shaped spout pouch with customized printing for Jelly

These jelly spout pouches made from foil or polyester film. These pouches can be manufactured with single-use applications in mind, but they may also be designed to be reused and recycled.

A Shaped spout pouch is a type of pouch with a free-flowing spout. This means that the content inside the pouch can be poured out without any difficulty, unlike with sealed pouches.

Custom-Shaped Stand Up Pouch

Sauce spout pouch with customized printing & shape

The Sauce Spout Pouch is an innovative take on traditional packaging for sauces and dressings.

These pouches are made out of food-safe material that is custom printed with the logo of your restaurant, company, or event that prevents spills and makes carrying around sauces easier.

These pouches are great because they keep your sauces safe from spilling and make it easier to carry around.

Spout Pouch FAQ

Q: What is a Spout Pouch?

Spout pouches are a type of food pouch that is most commonly used in the food and beverage industry.

A spout pouch is a type of packaging that can be used to store and dispense liquids, powders or granules. These spouts are usually attached to the container at the top.

They also have small openings so they can dispense these materials in small quantities when their opening is squeezed. Spout pouches are usually made from PET/ PE / NYLON, which is very resistant and easy to recycle.

The spout pouch has many uses in the food and beverage industry: it can be filled with any liquid or powder, such as fruit juice, tomato sauce, soup broth, powdered milk etc., and then dispensed through a nozzle on the top.

Stand Up Pouch with ziplock doypack type
Fancy shape baby food spout pouch

Q: Are Spout pouches available for baby foods?

Spout pouches are a great food packaging solution for babies and toddlers. This is because they are leak-proof, lightweight, and easy to carry.

Spout pouches are an excellent choice for feeding your baby because they are an easy to carry container. They are also a great option for on the go parents who want to feed their children fresh food.

The spout pouch is also a fantastic choice for babies that do not like to eat solid foods or when you want organic food that is free of harmful chemicals.

We should not think of spout pouches as a replacement for jars and boxes. They just provide assistance to the package designers by getting rid of package design problems and generating ideas at scale.

Q: What is the stand cap Spout pouch?

The Stand Cap Spout Pouch is a spout pouch that prevents spilling of liquids from the pouch. It is a refillable pouch with a built-in stand to hold it securely upright. It prevents spills and protects surfaces around the machine from becoming wet.

The Stand Cap Spout Pouch is made of high-quality materials which provide durability and long-lasting performance. The stand feature makes it easy to carry the spout pouch without spilling its contents, so you can store it virtually anywhere – from your car cup holder to your desk drawer at work!

Q: What Is Food Spout Pouch?

A food spout pouch is a reusable food pouch which can be used to store various foods for consumption. These pouches have a resealable opening on the top which allows the user to put in food and close it with an opening at the bottom. The pouch is then sealed by pressing down on the opening at the bottom.

The food spout pouches are made of FDA approved materials, are 100% recyclable, and are made with no BPA or PVC. They come in different sizes and shapes for different types of foods like soups, sauces, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, rice dishes etc.


Q: Are Spout Pouches Recyclable ?

Yes, spout pouches are recyclable. As long as the plastic is PET or HDPE and does not contain a phthalate or latex additive, then the spout pouch can be recycled.

Q: What are the benefits of using spout pouches?

Spout pouches are a great way to drink liquids and have a refreshing beverage on the go.

Spout pouches are used for a variety of things, from drinking a beverage to cooking food. They’re often made from plastic or paper, so they can be reused or recycled. You can use spout pouches for all sorts of liquids, from coffee to water.

The benefits of using spout pouches for beverages are manifold. They are convenient, easy to use, and convenient. Spout pouches are perfect for people who always want to be on the go. They are portable and lightweight so you can easily carry them with you wherever you go. You can even bring them to work or school so you don’t have to worry about packing a lunch during busy days.

Some of the benefits of using spout pouches include:

– Spout pouches are convenient, portable, and perfect for kids.

– They are made of durable materials that would not break easily.

– One spout pouch is enough for one person.

Q: Why choose spout pouches for food & beverage packaging?

The advantages of spout pouches over plastic and glass bottles are numerous, but here are five.

1. Spout pouches are reusable, which means less waste for landfills.

2. Spout pouches can be used for all types of liquids (not just water) making them more versatile than the other types of containers.

3. Spout pouches will not shatter like glass or plastic, which means they’re safer to transport and store.

4. Spout pouches can be made with recycled content (making them eco-friendly).

5. The spouts on spout pouches are easy to pour out so you don’t have to hassle with lids or straws that fall off easily.

Q: Are Spout pouches sustainable and eco-friendly?

The spout pouch is a reusable water bottle that lets you drink from the pouch. A Spout Pouch is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional water bottles.

Q: What is the MOQ for Spout pouch?

For traditional stand up pouch, the MOQ is 10,000 pcs per SKU (same size, same printing).

But as a special offer of new projects or start-up company, we would be happy to go with a lower MOQ of 1000pcs or more.

Q: Can Aluminum foil be used for Spout pouches?

Yes, as on e of the main high barrier materials for food and coffee packaging, aluminum foil or metallic PET foil will be frequently used in lamination of spout pouch.

Q: Is Spout pouch available with custom printing?

Yes, customized printing is one of the most important features for all flexible packaging, not only for spout pouches.

Q: Can the spout be welded by the pouch corner? Or only by the middle-top?

It will be the choices of the clients. The spout can be put on middle top, and as well as the left or right top corners.

Q: What’s the lead time for the cargo production?

It will be 15 -25 working days. Pls contact us for exact schedule upon order. It will differ during different seasons..

Q: What’s the payment terms and methods?

For the payment terms, normally it will be 30%-50% down payment upon order, balance prior to the delivery of the goods.

The popular trade terms we have been dealing with include: EX WORKS / FOB / CIF.

The regular methods of payment is wire transfer. L/C will be available for large order amount.

Q: What are the key factors to consider when choosing Spout pouches?

A spout pouch should be made of a durable, food-grade material that is not reactive to liquid contents. It should also be easy to use with no leaks or spills when in use. What makes a good spout pouch?

1. Durable

The best spout pouches are durable and made of high quality material that will not react to liquid contents when in use. They can withstand any pressure or force, even when filled with liquid. It is also very important that the material resists chemicals, so it won’t leak out contaminants when in contact with liquid beverages.

2. Leak-proof

A good spout pouch should have no leaks or spills when in use, and it should be easy to drink from without spilling any liquid on your clothes or bag.

Part 1: Definition of Spout pouch

Spout pouches are a packaging solution that has taken the market by storm. They have become a trendy option for companies looking to make their products stand out from others on the shelf – and not just because they are trendy.

Spout pouches provide a number of benefits to both businesses and consumers. Not only can spouts be used in clear packaging to show off products, but they also make it easier for the user to pour out all of the contents without spilling or accidentally throwing them away.

There are many factors that you need to consider when selecting the right Spout Pouch for your product. Some factors worth considering include: type of product (food or drink), specific volume, intended use (shipping or storage), and material (flexibility and thickness).

Spout pouches are becoming a popular packaging design for drinks. They are lightweight, reusable, and versatile. They are not only good for beverages but also any other liquid substance.

The spout is usually placed on the corner of the pouch which is designed to be tilted in order to drink from it. This way it eliminates the need for an additional straw or spoon which can be easily lost or forgotten at home. They are also often used as a flask packaging which allows you to take your beverage with you wherever you go without having to worry about spilling it all over yourself.

Custom Stand up pouch

Part 2: What’s the Spout pouch markets / applications?

A spout pouch is a flexible food container that features a resealable opening that can be sealed with a peg or tie. It is usually made from polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyester. For companies in the beverage, wine, liquid food, pet food industry, spout pouches can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging option.

On the classify of product types, Spout Pouch market is being used in:
Beverages / Syrups / Cleaning Solution / Oils / Others (Lubricants / Granules / Powers / Baby Food / Condiments)

On the classify of the end users/applications, Spout Pouch market is applied in:
Food and Beverage / Automotive / Pharmaceutical Paints / Soaps /and Detergents / Others

Main Markets for Spout Pouches

Standard Beverage and Drink Spout Pouch

A drink spout pouch is a convenient way to carry drinks with you. It is also an alternative to the normal liquid pouch for people who are environmentally conscious.

The Drinks Spout Pouch has the shape of a cylinder but has an opening at both ends which make it very different than its counterpart, the Normal Liquid Pouch. The opening on one end is sealed by heat-sealing while the other end features a drinking spout.

A spout pouch is a plastic bag made of BPA-free material. A spout pouch is often used for food storage, drink pouches, and to package liquid drinks like juice or milk.

Roasters Coffee Stand Up Pouch Packaging
Snack Stand Up Pouch Jerky Pouch

Jelly & Juice Spout Pouch

Jelly juice Spout Pouches are reusable, durable, and easy to transport. They are perfect for carrying your liquid items like water, sports drinks, and bottled beverages to the game. To help you find the perfect Spout Pouch, we have provided you with a guide on different types of Cheer Pack spouts.

The Standard Spout is one of the most popular types of Spout pouches because it’s easy to use and fits most bottles. The Flip Top Spout is an innovative type that lets you drink by either screwing or un-screwing the cap.

Wine and Liquor Spout Pouch (With Wine Tap)

Liquor and wine spouts are a great way to enjoy a drink without spilling it.

The wine spout is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and bars. It is a convenient way to serve alcohol without having to carry around heavy bottles. Liquor spouts have been around for a while now but they are starting to be used more often outside of liquor stores, especially at events where alcohol is being served.

The spout pouch is a great product for your home bar, and it comes with a variety of features. It has a silicone seal on the outside to prevent leakage and spillage, and it also has an opening on the side that makes it easy to fill. The spout pouch is made from food-grade polypropylene, meaning that it can go in the dishwasher and stay clean. It’s also safe for hot liquids up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pet Food Stand Up Pouch Packaging
Industrial non food items packaging

Baby Food Spout Pouch

A baby food spout pouch is a type of food container. They come with a spout that allows the baby to eat without any mess. The spouts can be made of silicone or plastic and are dishwasher-safe.

The best way to store them is upright in the fridge, as they can leak if not stored correctly. You can also place them in the freezer if you need to store them longer than three months at a time.

The convenient design of these pouches makes them very easy to use for both adults and babies. Parents no longer have to worry about spilling their child’s portion of baby food on themselves or their furniture when they’re feeding them in public or at home.

Beverages / Fruit Juice / Drinks

Stand up pouch with spout should be the best solution for liquid packaging, like beverage, fruit juice, etc. The custom multi-layer lamination feature makes it easy the extend the pouch function. That makes it able to meet different requirements from different industries.

For example, the high barrier layer will keep the juice and beverages fresh, expanding the shelf life. The retort PE makes it able for the process up to 120 centi degree.

If with rigid packaging, like tine boxes, glassed bottles, it’s very difficult and impossible to change the raw material composite. It will cost a lots of extra fee even only with custom-designed shapes and specifications.

It will save lots transportation space and shipping charges, by reducing the packaging volume.

Beverages Fruit Juice Drinks Pouches

Part 3: Spout pouch Types & Benefits

A spout pouch is a great way to package your products. Not only does it protect your products from dirt and other contaminants, but it also protects them from outside damage. This is especially important if you are sending your products across the country or internationally.

Spout Pouch is a new type of packaging that has been designed to be eco-friendly, plasticless, and paperless – naturally! You can use this type of packaging for anything from personal care products to food items.

A spout pouch is a plastic bag that contains a small opening at the top for inserting the product. The customer then squeezes the bag to dispense the product from the opening. These pouches offer many advantages over other packaging methods, such as ease of shipping, resealable feature, and design options.

3.1: Benefits of Spout Pouches

1. A Solid Investment

The number of spout pouches being used in packaging is increasing every year. For example, in the United Kingdom, it has more than doubled from 1.5 billion to 3 billion between 2007 and 2015. This form of packaging is environmentally friendly because it allows for a reduction in plastic spillages and can be recycled with paper or cardboard.

2. Less Waste

It is estimated that 10% of garbage is plastic bags, which are often used incorrectly or disposed of improperly. A company called Loop Industries invented a spout pouch which you can attach on your bag for convenience. This spout pouch can also be reused many times before being recycled. It is said that by using this spout pouch, people will save more than 20 plastic bags each month!

3. Your Brand is Unique

Brands are having to do more than just produce good, functional products. The brand must be unique and stand out. This is where spout pouches come in! They are an effective way to promote your product, create a brand identity, and increase your company’s visibility.

4. Save Time & Money

Spout pouches are an innovative new packaging option that can be used to print on. Printing on spout pouches also allows businesses to take advantage of the latest in digital printing technology. The reason is simple: the cost of printing on spout pouches is lower than the other two mentioned. The higher volume of products allows for more savings which makes this a popular option for most companies.

5. Easy to use

A spout pouch is a great way to package and present products in a new and refreshing way. A spout pouch is a plastic bag that contains a small opening at the top for inserting the product. The customer then squeezes the bag to dispense the product from the opening. These pouches offer many advantages over other packaging methods, such as ease of shipping, resealable feature, and design options.

The fifth benefit is that spout pouches are easy to use. You can fill them up by using a funnel or pouring the contents into the bag. They also allow for easy inventory control and organization. And lastly, they’re both economical and environmentally friendly.

Resealable Ziplocks

3.2: What to consider when choosing spout pouches

1. Budget:

It is important to take your budget into account when choosing a spout pouch. Sometimes you will be able to find an affordable option, but there are other times where you might need to find an alternative.

2. Material:

A spout pouch is generally made of three layers – outer layer, intermediate layer, and inner layer. The intermediate layer is designed to provide protection against the heat produced during the hot filling process for beverages like tea or coffee.

3. Capacity:

The capacity of the bag depends on the volume of liquid it can hold and the length of time it needs to last. A larger volume will need more durable fabric for its exterior and lining. When choosing a spout pouch, it is important to consider the capacity of the pouch. This is because some people may want to store more water at once.

4. Durability:

Durability is the factor to consider when choosing a spout pouch. It is important to make sure that the spout pouch you are using will be able to withstand the pressure of water coming out of it. The durability of a spout pouch also depends on its material. If it is made out of silicone, then it will be more durable than if it were made out of cloth or paper.

5. Size:

There are many sizes of spout pouches to choose from. Some would prefer to have a smaller version that they can use for day trips or carrying snacks with them. Others would rather have larger ones that can hold more items.

6. Shape/design:

Keep in mind whether the animal would find the shape or design of the spout pouch comfortable. If not, they may not drink from it at all, which defeats its purpose. Another factor to consider when choosing your spout pouch is shape and size. If you have a few different products to protect, then it may be necessary to purchase more than one type of pouch so that they can be customized according to each product’s needs.

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3.3: Spout Pouch Types Introduction

Spout pouches are a creative way of packaging liquids that have been served from a small can or bottle. The spout pouch is easy to drink from and provides an alternative to the traditional use of aluminum cans and bottles.

3.3.1: Flat Spouted Pouch

The flat spout pouch is a 3 side seal pouch with a spout. It is made of a durable, eco-friendly material and it has customizable options for size and shape.

The flat spout pouch is a light weight, eco friendly, and customizable packaging solution that comes in various sizes. The spout pouch has a side seal to keep the product inside.

The flat spout pouch is a perfect packaging solution for liquid products such as drinks, sauces, and soups. It can also be used for other products such as food or cosmetics. The flat spout pouch is durable which means it will not rip or tear easily. The material is also eco-friendly because it is made of paperboard which can be recycled and biodegradable.

Resealable Ziplocks
Coffee Pouch hang holes

3.3.2: Stand up Spout Pouch With Bottom Gusset

The stand up spout pouch is an innovative packaging for liquid food. It is a pouch with bottom gusset that can be used to package any type of liquid food. The spout pouch is self standing, durable and eco-friendly. It also has the best weight-to-volume ratio among all types of packaging solutions.

A spout pouch is a pouch with a spout on the bottom that is used for packaging liquid food. Spout pouches are self-standing and can be sealed at the top. This makes them suitable for packaging liquid food such as soups, sauces, and juices.

The best thing about spout pouches is that they are eco-friendly and light weight. They are also durable and can be resealed after opening to keep the contents fresh for longer periods of time.

3.3.3: Fancy Shape Spout Pouch

The Shaped Spout Pouch is a durable and eco-friendly packaging for liquid food. The pouch stands on its own, which makes it perfect for self-serve beverages. This pouch is made of high quality material, so it can be used to package liquids that are sensitive to heat or light.

Shaped spout pouch is a perfect packaging option for liquid food. It is durable, eco-friendly and light weight.

It is not only a fancy shape but also a die cut shape which makes it self standing and perfect for retail display. The spout pouch offers an excellent way to package liquid food items such as sauces, oils, dressings, soups, and more!

Die cut handle
Ergonomic handles

3.3.4: Aluminum Foil Spout Pouch

The aluminum foil spout pouch is a type of high barrier packaging that is best for liquid food. It is durable, light weight, eco-friendly and provides a convenient way of pouring.

The aluminum foil spout pouch can be used for both hot and cold liquids. For example, the packaging can be used to package both hot sauce or ice cream. The durability and light weight of the spout pouch make it an effective choice for liquid foods where spillage may happen easily.

Foil pouch packaging is a type of packaging that is made of aluminum foil and has a spout pouch. The spout pouch is used to pour liquid food from the container. Foil pouches are eco-friendly, durable, and light weight.

3.3.5: Clear Spout Pouch

Clear spouts are a popular packaging option for liquid foods. They provide a clear view of the product inside and are easy to open, spill-proof and recyclable.

Clear spouts allow customers to see the product inside without opening the package. This is an eco-friendly packaging solution because it can be recycled and has no plastic lining that can leach into the food. It’s also durable, light weight, and easy to open.

The Clear Spout Pouch is made of a specially formulated plastic that is both durable and eco-friendly. The pouch provides a clear view of the product inside, so customers can see the product before they buy it.

Rounded corners of coffee bags
Tear notches of coffee bags

3.3.6: Spout Pouch with Customized Size / Shape / Printing

Bespoke Spout Pouch is a manufacturer of custom-made liquid packaging that can be tailored to meet customer’s specific needs. They offer customized size and printing, eco-friendly and light weight, custom shape and liquid packaging.

Bespoke Spout Pouches are a liquid packaging solution that are customized to meet the needs of your company or business. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on what you need for your product or service. They also come with an option to customize the printing on them with any design you want which makes them perfect for any marketing campaign or event!

A spout pouch is a type of liquid packaging that features a built-in spout that can be used to pour the liquid out of the package. These pouches are usually made by plastic injection molding and are commonly used for products like sauces, mustard, and soy sauce.

Part 4: Why Should You Choose Spout Pouch Instead of Rigid Packaging?

Spout pouches are a great alternative to rigid packaging. They are available in a variety of materials and sizes that can be tailored to suit your needs. Spout pouches can be used for everything from food to medical supplies, and the material is durable.

One of the major issues with disposable packaging is that it takes a lot of resources just to produce it, and then when you throw it away, you are doing nothing but filling up landfills. This is why more and more people have started using reusable containers such as spout pouches in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

Spout pouches are innovative forms of food packaging that use vacuum-sealed flexible walls in order to create an airtight container and allow for more versatile packaging options. These pouches can be folded and stored away easily without taking up much space. Spout pouches take less resources to produce, are recyclable, and can be reused. These benefits allow them to be better for the environment than rigid containers like plastic bags and tubs that most people use.

Spout Pouches are flexible, compostable, non-toxic and recyclable. They also keep food fresh while being free of BPA-free and recyclable at the same time. Spout Pouches provide a safe, sustainable way to store and transport food. They are designed to protect foods from temperature changes and contamination.

They can also reduce the amount of packaging waste in the process because they don’t have to worry about over-packaging or potential breakage that may happen when using traditional packaging methods. Spouts will benefit companies both in terms of cost savings and food safety.

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Spout Pouch Bottom Gusset

Look through windows in stripe

Bespoke Spout Pouches

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Spouted Pouches Fitments

Part 5: Spout Pouches Premium Supplier: Ouma Flex Pack

Spouted pouches are becoming more and more common in the marketplace. They are perfect for different kinds of liquids, sauces, condiments, soups, and even beverages.

Quality spouted pouches can provide a number of benefits to users who choose them over traditional packaging. For instance, they are typically less expensive than cans or bottles. They also have a long shelf life so they don’t need to be used as soon as they are purchased. They are also great for people looking to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing their plastic usage.

The Spout Pouch is a revolutionary new product that has been designed to reduce waste and make the world a better place. It was created by two parents who were fed up with the amount of plastic bags found on beaches.

Ouma has been focused in the manufacturing of spout pouch and other flexible packaging for more then 2 decades. We have been spending time and costs on improving the production technology and equipments. We have to make sure that every pouch you get from us will be all qualified.